Social media has trade practices traps

A Taiwanese case shows how expensive it can be to pretend to be someone you're not online if you are a corporate, as Samsung has found. And while it's a Taiwanese case, the same situation could well apply in Australia.


Facebook to make it harder for bloggers

One of the great things about Facebook until today is that it was accessible to other information in other formats from all of your other sites. You could post on your blog, and it would automatically appear as your FB status update.

No longer.


Pictures do the talking

QPro Developments is a new development company based in Brisbane, Queensland, but with a view to introducing overseas investors to opportunities in regional Queensland. While much of the world is suffering a financial crisis and property slump, thanks to the mining industry parts of Australia are experiencing a boom bigger than any they have seen before.


Watt's not to like?

WattsNet are our neighbours here in Fortitude Valley Brisbane, and they're also the developers of very effective business management software called "Heads-up".


Going above and beyond

One of the great things about open-source CMS Joomla is that it has so many pre-existing free or inexpensive extensions available, allowing the Joomla core to be easily adapted to incorporate just about any functionality you might need, for all kinds of different websites.


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